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米国通貨監督庁(OCC)、FinTechへの監督のあり方について意見を募集 – finAsol


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  • 1.コミュニティ銀行は、新技術や金融イノベーションに関してどのような課題に直面しているか?
  • 2.OCCは、あらゆる規模の機関における責任あるイノベーションを、どうやったら促進できるか?
  • 3.連邦銀行システム内の技術革新を監視・評価するために、OCCはどのように、そのプロセスを強化することができるか?
  • 4.OCC内のイノベーションオフィスは、責任あるイノベーションについて、オープン、タイムリーにかつ継続的な対話をどうやったら促進できるか?
  • 5.OCCは、ノンバンクプレイヤーに対して、銀行とのパートナーシップに関するガイダンスをどのように提供できるか?
  • 6.コミュニティ銀行家たちが戦略的な計画立案プロセスにイノベーションを組み込むために、どのようなツールとリソースが役立つか?
  • 7.責任あるイノベーションをサポートするために必要なガイダンスは何か?責任あるイノベーションを促進するために、どのようにOCCは既存のガイダンスを改訂すべきか?
  • 8.どのような出先機関や情報共有機関の形態が最も効果的か?
  • 9. OCCは、技術革新に対して何を考慮すべきか?



OCC Shares Its Perspective on Responsible Innovation, Announces June 23 Forum on Innovation

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

WASHINGTON?The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today published its perspective on responsible innovation in the federal banking system and solicited feedback on what more it could do to support innovation that better serves consumers, businesses, and communities.

In Supporting Responsible Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective, the agency summarizes its research and discusses the principles guiding the development of its framework for understanding and evaluating innovation. The OCC also seeks feedback on a series of questions about how to facilitate responsible innovation; how the agency can streamline its processes for evaluating innovative products, services and processes; how it can promote open dialogue with industry stakeholders; and, what additional tools and resources could assist national banks and federal savings associations with regard to innovation.

“At the OCC, we are making certain that institutions with federal charters have a regulatory framework that is receptive to responsible innovation along with the supervision that supports it,” said Comptroller of the Currency Thomas J. Curry. “Innovation holds much promise. It can help meet the needs of the underserved and provide better financial tools for families. It can help institutions scale operations efficiently, and it can make business and consumer transactions faster and safer. Innovation is not free from risk, but when managed appropriately, risk should not impede progress.”

Comments on the whitepaper should be sent to by May 31, 2016.

The OCC will host a forum on responsible innovation on June 23, 2016, at Constitution Center in Washington, D.C. During the event, the agency will discuss comments received on the whitepaper and lead discussions regarding financial services innovation. The agency plans to release details on the agenda and how to register in April.